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    Half Off Computer Repair
    $117 $59 0.1 miles
  2. 2
    Up to 53% Off Reiki Energy Healing Sessions
    $70 $35 0.1 miles
  3. 3
    56% Off Specialty Massage
    $50 $22 0.1 miles
  4. 4
    Up to 67% Off Haircut and Color Packages
    West University
    $65 $25 0.1 miles
  5. 5
    Up to 66% Off Infrared-Sauna Sessions
    $20 $9 0.2 miles
  6. 6
    Up to 91% Off Classes at Everyday People Yoga
    $300 $26 0.2 miles
  7. 7
    Up to 52% Off Gel and Acrylic Nail Care
    West University
    $73 $35 0.3 miles
30 E 11th Ave Eugene, OR 97401


When it gave cd/game Exchange the title of Best Entertainment Shop in its annual Best of Eugene roundup, Eugene Weekly praised the store for its “poster-covered walls and wide variety of things with which to entertain yourself.” Those things have constantly changed over cd/game Exchange’s 20-year existence, and today, its shelves are stocked with customer-supplied used CDs, video games, movies, posters, and apparel, instead of Hammer pants and VHS copies of Wrestlemania’s Greatest Hits. Experts inspect each item to determine its condition, then decide on a cash value and trade value. With their store credit or cash, customers can stock up on lightly used Wii titles and DVDs ranging from Spider-Man to Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


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