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Working as a journalist and media executive didn’t give Moses Frenck the view of the world that he wanted. He wanted to fly. So he began pursuing his passion for aviation by enrolling in Royal Karina Air Service’s instrument-training program, and was so impressed that he eventually took over the company in 2009. Along with his vice president, Dara Frenck, he rents airplanes and offers training classes to all types of pilots, ranging from professionals to recreational flight enthusiasts.

For more than 23 years, the company’s fleet of IFR-certified Cessna aircraft has brought budding aviators closer to their private piloting licenses, with GPS-guided practice flights in the scenic airspace between Philadelphia and New York. Frenck’s instructors––many boasting tens of thousands of flight hours and world-class air-traffic-control experience¬¬––teach pilots to soar above the Big Apple’s skyline or dip down to snatch the candy bar clutched within the Statue of Liberty’s hand.