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    Up to 87% Off Allergy or Chiropractic Care
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    Up to 87% Off Martial-Arts Classes
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    $25 for $200 Toward Prescription Eyewear
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    Up to 88% Off Weight-Loss Hypnosis Class
    Multiple Locations
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    Up to 80% Off at Family Vision Care
    Lower Makefield
    $295 $59 3.0 miles
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Sara Naomi has seen the effects of holistic care firsthand. Growing frustrated going from doctor to doctor after being diagnosed with Lyme disease, Sara turned to complementary healthcare methods that addressed her spiritual and emotional well-being in addition to her physical state. The strides she made with this holistic approach inspired her to learn more about other therapeutic techniques and eventually found her own practice.

Sara melds a variety of therapies such as reflexology, aromatherapy, and acupressure to help patients attain optimal well-being with her signature service, HK: BioEnergetic Acupuressure. She first attempts to identify the root cause of issues such as pain and phobias, then she works to relieve them by applying gentle, bare-handed pressure at key points on the body’s energy pathways. As a result, clients may enjoy a decrease in stress, allowing them to relax without the metaphorical fog and literal foghorns that can often impede mental clarity.

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