1507 S 348th St Federal Way, WA 98003


Fatburger's gourmet burgers range from 2.5 oz. single-patty "baby fat" burgers ($2.49) to the XXXL 24 oz. thrice-stacked "triple king" ($9.69), with three more moderate options in between. Made from 100% lean beef, Fatburger's gourmet burger combos start at $4.99 (beer/burger combos start at $5.99), and all of the grilled goodies come topped with fresh veggies, while optional add-ons ($.59–$.89 each) are available for a custom chow-down. Plop a scoop of chili on your burger and cover it with a slice of cheese for a decadent dining experience, or create a breakfast-themed burger with bacon and an egg. Fatburger's chicken sandwich ($4.99 alone or $8.99 for combo; grilled, fried, or spicy), turkey burger ($4.49 alone or $7.99 for combo), and veggie burger ($4.79 alone or $8.49 for combo) offer awesome alternatives to bovine-based meals. Homemade onion rings ($2.89) or skinny fries ($2.39) act as lovable sidekicks for your brooding, misunderstood burger without a cause, while a sweet Maui-banana or cookies-and-cream milkshake ($3.79) can double as the skankified Olivia Newton-John it wins during the final musical number.

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