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1605 South College Avenue Fort Collins, CO 80525


Though Black Bottle Brewery hosts guest drafts on its lengthy line of taps, its own creations are immediately recognizable by the matte black bottles that serve as handles. These beers bear names matching the oddball humor of their creators, such as the "Mexican Hipster," an IPA aged in tequila barrels, and the "Social Insecurity," a low-alcohol Belgian session ale. The brewers may be seen tending to the fermenters in fake mustaches and Batman briefs, but their craft is entirely serious, extending to the use of a true copper kettle and locally sourced ingredients. The brewpub's menu shows off a similar level of artistry, from the savory flavors of a meat and cheese plate to the pure efficiency of a fresh-shucked oyster immersed in a shot of the house's beer.


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