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1200 S College Ave Fort Collins, CO 80524


The massage therapists at Human Kneads Healing Massage use a variety of techniques to restore physical and emotional balance. Owner Brynn Walker—who is working toward becoming a nutritional consultant and holistic health practitioner—has joined forces with fellow Healing Arts Institute graduate Brooke Elizabeth Keller. Together, they perform massage modalities ranging from neuromuscular rehabilitation to restorative, sesame-oil-based Abhyanga sessions rooted in the ancient Ayurvedic tradition. They also specialize in healing therapies such as jin shin, an acupressure technique that facilitates the flow of energy via chakras, meridians, and an intricate network of model-train stoplights.

Walker and Keller enhance massages with soothing steam-therapy treatments and Pink Papaya products infused with botanical extracts including lavender, sweet orange, grapefruit, and bergamot. They also send clients home with a "massage-scription" that details their findings and recommend therapeutic exercises to help bring relief between visits.


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