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    56% Off Invisalign Express and Teeth-Whitening Package
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    Up to 56% Off Permanent Makeup
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    Up to 86% Off Dental Cleaning, X-Rays, and Exam
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4801 N Federal Hwy Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308


As an undergraduate, Dr. Kellie Mosley-Mendez started out as a business major before she had a potentially dangerous mole removed. The experience inspired a change of career plans. With the help of a physician who took her under his wing and even became her godfather, Dr. Mosley-Mendez started on a path that transformed her into the board-certified dermatologist she is today. Her proprietary skincare line includes medical and cosmetic solutions for all skin types. When she's not treating her patients with general and cosmetic dermatological services, Dr. Mosley-Mendez is performing free cancer screenings and educating young people about sun safety.


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