Katie Romano Griffin

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2709 Swamp Cabbage Court Fort Myers, FL 33901


Katie Romano Griffin began her health career as a nurse. After observing the powerful effects of hypnotherapy at the integrative medicine practice she ran, she believed she could make more of a difference in people's lives through working with the subconscious mind. Griffin embarked on a two-year study of hypnotherapy. She integrated her findings into a broader life coaching methodology designed to treat issues ranging from paralytic social anxiety to a fear of bridges.

During her healing sessions, Katie combines the breadth of life coaching with the depth of hypnosis. She examines the patient's life from infancy to adulthood with questions and mental exercises, while delving into the subconscious with the help of relaxation techniques that the patient can repeat at home. Through these methods, Griffin has successfully treated smoking addictions, issues with overeating, and stress. “It is amazing to see someone light up,” she says of her newly liberated patients.

In addition to helping people through one-on-one sessions, the Griffin reaches a wider audience as an inspirational speaker and an author.

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