Loaf N Ladle

817 S Calhoun St Fort Wayne, IN 46802


Loaf N Ladle’s menu offers soups, wraps, salads, and deli sandwiches prepared from time-honored family recipes that emphasize attention to detail and hearty ingredients. Sandwich architects with a vision to build a model of the Kremlin out of turkey and pickles can move halfway there with Loaf N Ladle's build-your-own option ($6 for full-size), which allows diners to choose their bread, meat, cheese ($0.25), and toppings such as banana peppers and black olives. The veggie sandwich, filled with sliced cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, and alfalfa sprouts and garnished with cream cheese ($3.50 for half-size), satisfies any appetite for meatless sustenance, while the hot ham-and-cheese sandwich ($3.75 for half-size) cures cravings for gooey, melted goodness. Sip and slurp Loaf N Ladle's homemade ham and bean with cornbread, cream-of-broccoli, or chicken-noodle soup ($4.50 for a pint, the selection changes frequently). Muffins ($1.25) and cookies ($1.50) are baked daily.

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