Pure Salon and Spa Springfield

5615 Auto Mall Pkwy Fremont, California 94538


Pure Luxe Salon, Spa & MedSpa provides traditional spa services in addition to medically supervised, medi-spa treatments. Arrive 15 minutes prior to your massage and take advantage of the on-site facilities, which include a dry sauna and steam experience shower. Both aid in warming muscles, increasing their malleability and potential for releasing delighted giggles directly into the bloodstream. The full-body massage lasts for 50 minutes and is performed by a skilled and licensed therapist, who will tailor his or her sleight of hand to suit the needs of each battered body part. A 15-unit Botox treatment targets brow furrows carved from years of concern over the rapid depletion of centaur habitats, smoothing the skin and youthenizing the entire face. See the official Botox website for comprehensive information about the treatment.

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