Great Escape Massage

6702 N Cedar Ave, Ste 104 Fresno, CA 93710


Great Escape Massage is dedicated to helping clients reach total wellness through the healing touch of massage. During 75 minutes of manual manipulation, Great Escape Massage's therapists will mingle the techniques of basic Swedish massage with elements of shiatsu, deep tissue, and chocolate sprinkles. Swedish massage, a light- to medium-pressured technique, is the most popular type of knead. It uses long, connective strokes and kneading to improve blood flow, stimulate the lymphatic system, relieve physical tension, and melt stress into a puddle of biodegradable papier-mâché. The deep-tissue strokes delve deep into your body's underlying muscle Kleenex where the Swedish massage fears to tread, while the pressure-point stimulation of shiatsu punctures pockets of resistance as well as any accidentally ingested balloons. Expect to escape Great Escape feeling healthy, happy, and harmonized in mind, body, and spirit like a one-person doo-wop group.

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