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1950 Sunnycrest Dr Fullerton, CA 92835


Named one of Orange County's top doctors by Orange Coast magazine every year since 2007, Dr. Renee Cobos captures youthful lightning in a bottle with dermatological services that smooth hides and brighten face corners throughout Southern California. Each unit of Botox injects tiny doses of natural, purified protein to relax away the faint wrinkles that develop when your face is sad, worried, or trying to infiltrate a retirement home. The anatomical array of areas available for treatment include the skin between brows, crow's feet and eye area, smile lines, and neck. No anesthesia is required, ensuring that patients stay awake during the procedure and minds remained unclouded as they continue daily activities. After the injections, mugs are polished off with a signature facial, a countenance-cocooning treatment that uses exfoliation, mask, serum, moisturizer, and eye cream to transform hardened gargoyle granite into spotless cherubic porcelain.

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