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6750 NW 16th St Gainesville, FL 32653


As a child, Boris Marhefka took no end of delight in pushing himself to master a variety of sports. He foot-blasted soccer balls to the back of the net, line-slammed intimidating serves as a tennis player, and slam-dunked lacrosse balls or whatever happens in lacrosse. Along the way, he cobbled together a wide-ranging playbook of exercises and conditioning methods.

Today, he and his body-blasting troupe of certified trainers read from those pages to design boot camps aimed at shedding weight and sculpting major muscle groups. With the same goals and techniques, but at a slower pace, they also run Total Fit programs and Man Camp—a muscle-building refiner’s fire that forges ripped glutes and biceps for both men and women with the help of sprinting bursts and massive barbells.

For fitness enthusiasts seeking even more individualized attention, the gym provides private training. Instructors also work with athletes from elementary school to college to help them develop the skills needed to outperform their competition, be it in track, lacrosse, soccer, or duck duck goose.

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