Elegant Body Pilates with Jacqueline Valdez

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4003 Northwest 18th Place Gainesville, FL 32605


With professional experience in jazz, ballet, and modern dance, Jacqueline Valdez could have gone off to audition for Broadway musicals. Instead, she pursued pole dancing. Backed by accolades that include a finals appearance at the Florida Pole Fitness Championship, and as a creator of the ballet-infused Infusion Remax and Vertical Arabesque classes, Jacqueline now shares her passion for pole dancing—as well as Pilates, burlesque, and other forms of dance-based fitness—at her all-women's dance and fitness studio, Elegant Body Pilates with Jacqueline Valdez.

Understanding that dance and fitness are as much about gaining self-esteem as losing weight, Jacqueline maintains small class sizes so that she can give clients personal attention and maintain a safe, supportive atmosphere. In addition to classes and workshops, Jacqueline organizes pole-dancing and burlesque parties designed for all manner of celebrations, from bachelorette parties to Supreme Court swearing-ins.

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