Bead Attitudes

420 Main St Gaithersburg, MD 20878


Theodora’s Beautiful Beads, also known as Bead Attitudes, is a quaint shop bursting with quality beads and stringing supplies. A cascading collection of Czech and old German glass (ranging from $2 to $35 per strand) lines the colorful walls, along with a panoply of seed beads and freshwater pearls ($10–$15). Also available is a large selection of specialty beads and art glass, as distinguished and intriguing as a rogue gun-slinging butler. Supplies are neatly assembled to inspire interesting compositions and exquisite designs. Beaders also can feast their fingers on an extensive collection of stringing materials, as well as a treasure trove of chain, sterling, silver plate, and copper (ranging from $1.25 to $30 per foot). The staff at Theodora’s is dedicated to bead-craft and is more than happy to offer advice about project difficulties and expound on the benefits of a bead-based economy.

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