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1250 North Germantown Parkway Memphis, TN 38016


The mouthwatering brainchild of stay-at-home mom turned entrepreneur CeCe Moore, Sweet CeCe's re-creates the glee of childhood with homemade frozen treats. The confection maven opened her first Sweet CeCe's location in Nashville in 2008, and through hard work and an exclusive contract with the nation's dairy cows, has seen her franchise grow to include locations in 10 other states. With dozens of traditional and creative flavors, her pink-walled store accommodates both sundae-seeking kids and grown-ups looking for healthier treats. All of her yogurt varieties swirl from self-service pumps and eschew high-fructose corn syrup and other unhealthy additives for live, active cultures and vitamins such as B-12 and riboflavin.

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