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    Up to 81% Off Kickboxing or Jujitsu Classes
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    Up to 89% Off at Waddell Family Dentistry
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    Up to 65% Off Women's Boxing-Fitness Classes
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    Imagine That! Dance & FItness
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    Up to 62% Off Nail-Fungus Treatment
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500 North Bullard Avenue Goodyear, AZ 85338


Eleutheria Wellness Center's family-oriented healing haven helps adults and children to achieve inner and outer well being through a variety of therapies, including yoga, speech therapy, massage therapy, behavioral treatments, and cosmetology services. Each employee bears special training and licensing in one or more specialized fields, such as the occupational-therapy practitioners who help children with disabilities to develop fine-motor, visual, and sensory skills. Kids who need a helping hand in honing their social skills can learn to better communicate with their parents and stubborn imaginary friends under the guidance of staffers skilled in applied behavior analysis. A packed schedule of mixed-level yoga classes features strengthening, flowing practices, and more meditative sessions, providing a well-rounded approach to mind-body fitness.

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