Charlie's Bar and Grill

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3519 Plainfield Ave NE Grand Rapids, MI 49525


For Charlie’s Bar & Grille owner Charlie Boylen, it’s not enough to see her customers’ empty plates—she wants to know how they feel about the whole experience. That’s why she frequently mingles with diners to gauge what she and her staff are doing right and what they could be doing better. And for most patrons, the chefs are doing a lot of things right with their diverse menu of American favorites, Mexican staples, and fried seafood. They update traditional dishes to include interesting flavors, marinating chicken breast in a raspberry honey glaze and topping portobello sandwiches with a tangy rosemary aioli. While they specialize in unique entrees, they still serve up classic pub appetizers such as potato skins spiced with colby jack cheese and bacon, and coconut shrimp that comes topped with fruity salsa just like a house lease in Hawaii.

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