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2845 Thornhills Avenue Southeast Grand Rapids, MI 49546


Sometime during her second year as a swim instructor, Jenny McCuiston realized just how just how in-demand her profession was. As a 17-time collegiate All-American swimmer with a degree in early childhood development, Jenny is almost tailor-made for the role. Along with her husband and co-founder Chris, she toured the country to learn from successful swim clinics and attended various swimming conferences. Armed with boatloads of research, she sat at her kitchen table, drew up a curriculum, designed her school’s beachy decor, and packaged it as Goldfish Swim School.

Since then, she and her husband have added more than 40 employees to their staff and have franchised 11 Goldfish Swim School locations throughout the Midwest. Each location’s staff strives to create an inviting atmosphere for swim lessons, decorating the indoor pool rooms with a whimsical beach theme and heating the water to 90 degrees. A four-to-one student to instructor ratio gives students plenty of face time with their teacher and puts parents at ease more effectively than having to dress kids up in full-body life jackets.


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