Granite Bay Pilates and Yoga

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    Up to 84% Off Boot-Camp Classes
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    78% Off Four-Week Fitness Boot Camp
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8775 Sierra College Blvd Roseville, CA 95661


The instructors at Granite Bay Pilates and Yoga lead students through challenging classes to sculpt muscles with ancient southern Asian poses and time-tested isometric exercises. The certified staff guides individual and small-group workouts, emphasizing form and alignment as they impart the basics of yoga’s gentle movements to build balance and flexibility, and Pilates’s controlled, muscle-isolating exercises to develop core strength. During beginners' Pilates workshops, students bask in personalized instructor attention as they practice mat-based exercises. In addition to melting stress with low-impact movements, students can seek relief for their bodies and minds with functional bodywork, performed by certified massage therapists.

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