Patty Cakes Bakery

601 S Main St Grapevine, TX 76051


Patty Cakes specializes in a variety of fresh-baked goods, special-event cakes, and catering. Its newest signature dessert is the cake ball, which is precisely what it sounds like: a lavish, formal gala where cakes from around the world gather to dance the night away. Each sphere of cakey goodness is coated in a delectable candied shell. Choose from four flavors of cake to cover in a cloak of milk or dark chocolate: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, or red velvet. For indecisive or exploratory palates, multiple flavors can be mixed and matched per order, but the minimum number of one flavor is six. Similar to donut holes and the Indian in your cupboard, these cake balls boil down the essence of a larger cake into a handheld treat. With today’s Groupon you receive 24 cake balls, which is enough to feed an interspecies gang of aggressive pigeons and angry squirrels.

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