Timsan's Japanese Steak House

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1654 E Mason St Green Bay, WI 54302


The tableside chefs sear meats, seafood, and vegetables near open flame to create a delectable amalgam of Japanese and American cuisine. Sushi and sashimi make use of high-grade tuna and salmon, and hibachi dinners send scallops, swordfish, and filet mignon skating across grills before depositing them on plates. Separate courses of soup, salad, a shrimp and zucchini appetizer, and ice cream help diners remember the exact timeline of meals to make future alibis impeccably believable. Bartenders pour and mix choice libations for patrons behind a turquoise-colored bar facing a pastel mural of Mount Fuji. Timsan's Japanese Steak House also bottles their house ginger dressing and mustard so that customers can replicate the hibachi experience at home using an overheated laptop.

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