Landon House

3401 Urbana Pike Frederick, MD 21704


After purchasing the antebellum Landon House Mansion in 1999, Kevin Dolan realized he had a problem: How does one person maintain a 12,000-square-foot, 268-year-old estate? He realized he would need to make other people care about the property as much as he did. Today, Dolan shares his passion for history under the guise of Johnny Reb, a character that pays homage to General J.E.B. Stuart. Audiences now crowd into the Landon House Mansion to watch him orchestrate the Sabers and Roses show–which pays homage to the legendary 1862 ball that took place before the Battle of Antietam–before embarking on a tour of the historic mansion and estate.Originally built in Virginia in 1743 as a silk mill, the mansion played a pivotal role in the war as a base for both Confederate and Union soldiers. Every event aims to educate guests about the history and significance of the estate’s role in the war. The proceeds of Dolan’s creative ventures go toward keeping the historic landmark from falling into disrepair, and his role as the Haunted Landon tour guide landed him on an episode of A&E’s Psychic Kids.

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