Four Leaf Clover

19 South St Bernardston, MA 01337


In 1949, Stanley Durmas and Charles Skiathitis decided to go the drive-in route and serve diners curbside for their restaurant. In keeping with the era, they also named their eatery after the popular tune "I'm Looking for a Four Leaf Clover." Twenty years passed before Charles's son Paul plucked up the Four Leaf Clover, transforming the modest 20-seat dive into a fully fledged restaurant. Today, the restaurant is 175 seats strong and helmed by owners Mark and Linda Snow, who have fine-tuned the kitchen's continental pub menu and modernized the business by bottling the original founder's signature barbecue sauce. Kitchen doors open to reveal servers, their arms stacked with juicy steaks, signature baked haddock, and hearty sandwiches lined with thin-sliced turkey and slow-cooked corned-beef brisket. While perusing the eatery's many wine, scotch, and signature-cocktail options, diners scan historical photos set warmly against barside exposed brick. Diners can also enjoy 5-ounce burgers in the separate Falls River dining room, which boasts wooden rafters, booths, tables, and human servers, which are far more functional than the outdated wooden ones.

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