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1500 Dans Rd Greensboro, NC 27401


In fast-paced matches, gals on the all-female, skater-owned Greensboro Roller Derby dash around the track, throwing hips and shoulders into opposing skaters in a full-contact race for the high score. In the booming sport of roller derby, teams sets up on a flat track, each positioning four blockers in front and a jammer close behind. Jammers dash forward while battling and dodging blockers, scoring one point for each blocker who is passed or hypnotized with a pocket watch. The sport rewards agility, speed, and wearing burly kneepads, as jammers face a gauntlet of menacing bumps, blocks, bear hugs, and grandmotherly cheek pinches on the road to victory. In the exciting November matchup, the Battleground Betties will defend their June victory against the Mad Dollies, who arrive amped up by a recent win in October, and December's championship match will pit the top two teams (TBD) against one another in a furious final bout. Despite the merciless skating techniques in play, the gals' good humor shows in their voluptuous costumes, outlandish alter-ego monikers, and jovial piledrivers.

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