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    91% Off Photo Shoot from Portrait Scene
    Center City Park
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    50% Off Outdoor Photography
    On Location
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    55% Off Studio Photography
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    jcp portraits – Up to 83% Off Photo Shoots
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    50% Off Engagement Photography
    On Location
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200 North Elm Street Greensboro, NC 27401


Coming to photography after an eclectic career that has seen him earn a PhD in biblical theology and win a Computerworld Smithsonian medal for contributions to technology, Falcon—The House of NyghtFalcon's founder and head photographer—specializes in emotionally powerful, naturally lit photos that reveal unseen perspectives in familiar sights. His handpicked photographic associates undergo three years of apprenticeship before donning the mantle of full partner. Basic and advanced seminars mix photographic theory with hands-on learning, teaching students how to master cameras' arcane functions, frame shots, and determine the shutter speed at which time folds back in on itself.