Zen Bronze

1081 E Putnam Ave Riverside, CT 06878


Zen Bronze’s founders supply the look of sun-kissed skin year-round without requiring clients to sacrifice their epidermal health by absorbing harmful UV rays. Instead, the business marries beauty and skincare by misting clients with an organic, alcohol- and paraben-free formula that is never tested on animals or stuffed animals. An experienced airbrusher helms each session, accentuating bodily curves by showering pelts in formula sprayed from a handheld airbrush gun. Clients designate the degree of bronze they desire before one of Zen’s staffers pulls the appropriate solution to kindle a light, natural glow or shade in a deep, rich tan. The tanning formula reacts with skin’s underlying amino acids, which changes the skin's color more permanently than applying a dye or climbing inside a washing machine with a red T-shirt. Most clients report spritzed-on shades lasting up to a week or more, and Zen’s stock of all-natural tan extenders can prolong sunless results.

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