Imx Pilates

534 Boston Post Rd Guilford, CT 06437


Integrated Movement Xercize Pilates describes a fusion-fitness approach that blends the lengthening and muscle-toning action of Pilates with strength and cardio training for efficient body sculpting. The private introductory class (a $65 value) is designed to give novices familiarity with the Pilates reformer equipment, which pumps up endurance, muscle tone, and limberness, while strengthening the spine and abdominal core for Volkswagen-juggling contests. Under the individualized guidance of a highly certified trainer, Pilates pupils will perform a few baseline tests in the first session, allowing muscle doyens to evaluate body composition, strength, flexibility, and knowledge of sitcom theme songs, before developing a well-rounded fitness routine. Then select four of IM=X Pilate's Xercizer, reformer, hybrids, or TRX classes (a $40/class value, 25 options per week) to continue training and keep tickers pounding hard during demanding training montages. A robust schedule of classes offered throughout the week provides eager physiques with ample opportunity for calorie-blasting.

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