Focus Eye Health and Vision Care

385 Prospect Ave Hackensack, NJ 07601
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Patients at Focus Eye Health & Vision Care Optometrists entrust their eyesight not only to the clinic's selection of stylish frames from more than 35 different designers, but to the highly skilled optometrists that care for their rods and cones. During his tenure as a lieutenant and optometrist in the US Navy, Dr. Matt Esperon employed bladeless vision-correction procedures to perfect the sight of aviators, building a successful career with humankind's two coolest inventions⎯lasers and fighter jets. Meanwhile, founder Dr. Paul Berman applies his decades of professional experience to treat a range of ocular-health problems, while still finding time to give back to the community through his involvement with programs such as the Special Olympics. Vases of flowers add a touch of homey charm to the office, and high-tech LASIK devices and sophisticated diagnostic equipment protect eyeballs with cutting-edge care.


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