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2610 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy Henderson, NV 89052


The staff at Reveal Zerona Laser Body Slimming harnesses FDA-approved Zerona cold-laser technology, designed to reduce corporeal circumferences by an average of 3.5 inches. During sessions, clients relax beneath a beam-slinging apparatus for 40 minutes as it glides low-light lasers over their waistlines, backs, hips, and thighs, emulsifying adipose tissue so that fat can sneak its way out of the body. The disintegrated lipid depots can then be absorbed by the body’s obsessively tidy lymphatic system and expelled through the body’s natural detoxification process and complex system of water slides. The noninvasive treatment does not require any recovery time. The staff suggests that patients can boost results with healthful eating habits, daily exercise, and regular hydration. Like sumo-wrestling costumes, caffeine and alcohol decrease the procedure’s potency.


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