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The Golf Practice’s instructors believe a player can never know too much about their game. This is because they know that even small improvements to any detail of a player’s swing, putt, stance, or physical conditioning can have a big effect on their score. So to help their clients identify issues and sharpen their game, the instructors employ a trio of technology-driven systems to chart every aspect of their swing, from the angle of the club at the end of the wind up to the hip-swivels that accompany a perfect drive. The full-swing analysis system records every second of a player’s swing in full-motion video, and the TrackMan Launch Monitor assesses how each correction affects ball distance, speed, and trajectory. Additionally, Motion SAM Puttlab ultra-sound technology charts real-time results of putts to spot inconsistencies in face rotation, rhythm, or alignment. And if physical weariness is the culprit of a lagging game or a boring victory dance, the staff aids clients in improving their conditioning by showcasing golf fitness techniques that bolster strength and stamina.


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