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    Pierre Edwards – Up to 52% Off Comedy Show
    Arena Stage
    $25 $12 3.3 miles
  2. 2
    Kyle Grooms & Calise Hawkins – Up to 52% Off Standup
    Hyatt Regency
    $25 $12 4.0 miles
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    Priest Tyaire Presents: "Mrs. Independent" – Up to 30% Off Play
    Warner Theatre
    $60.50 $42.35
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    Ed Blaze and Friends – $5 for Standup Comedy
    Pure Lounge
    $10 $5 5.8 miles
1901 Mississippi Ave SE Washington, DC 20020


THEARC is home to the only community theater in its area, which hosts the I Can summer program, an internship that teaches area young people ages 14–24 about technical-theater management. The eight-week paid internship will invite 10 new interns beginning this June for an introduction to the creative and practical skills required to produce and design plays. Interns also receive training in life skills such as resume writing, setting long-term goals, public speaking, and financial literacy. I Can aims to empower young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with the skills they need to achieve academic and career success. THEARC relies on the help of donations to provide each intern with the basic supplies they need to participate in the program.

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