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    Up to 55% Off a Scuba Lesson or Certification
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    Up to 50% Off Sandwiches and Coffee at The 6 Eight
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    Up to 47% Off Theme-Park Visit at Nelis’ Dutch Village
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    50% Off Local, Organic, Seasonal Produce
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    Up to 75% Off Karate Classes and Uniform
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    Up to 79% Off Personal-Training Sessions at 24 Fit
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500 East Washington Avenue Zeeland, MI 49464


AutoRenew's vehicle revampers treat cars to makeovers with interior and exterior detailing and repair services. Technicians kick off multistep cleaning sessions by soaping up the car's hide by hand, sealing in its new resplendence with hand applications of carnauba wax that leave auto bodies sparkling. A hot-water extraction digs deep into carpet fibers to remove stains and impacted grime, and nitrogen turns dust lingering on all surfaces and crevices into freeze-dried ice cream. A bacteria-removal system helps quash odors from the source, and staffers treat and condition leather and scrub down windows to fashion smudge-free vistas.

AutoRenew also coats exteriors in a synthetic polymer sealant, whose chemical bond to body paint wards off signs of dirt and wear more effectively than traditional carnauba wax. Wet sanding techniques refresh headlights and fog lamps for brighter beams, and windshield repairs rein in small and medium chips lest they splinter into larger cracks.

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