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723 N Cahuenga Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90038


Staffed by seasoned Hollywood vets with professional credits, Advanced Media prides itself on preserving precious moments, converting outdated cassettes to reliable digital formats with swift turnaround. By swapping the grainy flickers and fickle magnetic tape of audio and VHS tapes for the more durable quality of CD and DVD, parents can permanently dodge kids' questions about whether they're allowed to feed those old-timey machines anything but tape. The team specializes in transferring 8mm silent film to HD digital files, DVD, or Bluray. Adept at adapting multiple formats, the video wizards can also transfer MiniDV, Beta, DigiBeta, Hi8, and PAL to DVDs and digital files. Those in need of editing services can submit rough cuts to Advanced Media for a seamless finished product that may be uploaded to YouTube or other video-streaming sites.

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