1 1999 N Sycamore Ave Los Angeles, CA 90068


Cloaked behind the hidden fourth O in the Hollywood sign, Yamashiro was completed in 1914 as a hilltop mansion for the Bernheimer Brothers' priceless collection of dragon eyebrows and other Asian treasures. The building replicates an unassailable palace built high in the clouds above Kyoto, Japan. This perfect transmission extends through the lavish gardens, polished teak construction, and hand-whittled koi lazing in their clear, cold pond. Yamashiro has hosted some of the glitteriest of the glammed, the cigar smoke from Hollywood's Golden Age still lingering in the rafters while tales of intrigue, desperation, and seduction continue to stalk the silk-papered corridors. The professional staff at Yamashiro is particularly deft at applying emergency romance balm, slyly seating you and your semi-estranged at a window table overlooking the city with a half bottle of champagne or wine ($20+).

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