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432 Keawe Street Honolulu, HI 96813


A series of coincidences helped Stephanie Lay to create the system of symmetric rolling. In 2007, she was using the traditional foam rolling techniques used by sports-medicine practitioners to help to correct her alignment problems and persistent pigeon toe on her left leg. She had taken to stuffing a dense rubber ball inside of a hard cardboard cylinder to activate areas and tissues the softer foam equipment couldn't address. Months later, while helping a friend to work out an aching hamstring on a rubber ball, Lay discovered something odd: When her friend's leg was on the rubber, the leg would shake due to the amount of energy blocked inside, but when her foot touched the hardwood floor, the trembling ceased. By incorporating this observation with her foam rolling exercises, she created her own system that integrated mysofascial release with the energy-stabilizing powers of wood.

Lay used her degree in kinesiology and 10-year career in bodywork to create her practice, and today she helps others to align and balance through symmetric rolling. Clients roll across different-size wooden spheres and dowels that place firm pressure on fascia lines to release adhesions. The client is in control of the entire treatment, with Lay on hand to ensure proper movement and offer encouragement.

Those who wish to continue treatment at home can purchase the rebel rollers and mana balls, which are produced by hand. Lay engraves each ball with a checker logo that represents the balance between light and dark. A fruit-tree seed accompanies every purchase to replace the tree that made each wooden product and to add authenticity to Johnny Appleseed costumes.


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