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3055 Lorna Road Birmingham, AL 35216
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More than 15,000 patients have passed through Parish Cosmetic Vein and Laser Center’s doors since it opened in 1995. Dr. Timothy Parish has been at the helm the entire time and, although he’s added several skills to his resumé since, he still takes the time to personally outline a treatment plan and perform ultrasounds for each patient with varicose veins. A registered vascular technician and registered physician in vascular interpretation, Dr. Parish eschews painful vein-stripping procedures for innovative methods including endovenous laser treatment, which uses laser fibers to damage the vein walls, eventually causing them to break down, pack up their belongings, and disappear. Beyond vanquishing problem veins, Dr. Parish and his team have also mastered several cosmetic procedures, including laser hair removal, chemical peels, and dermal fillers such as Botox and Juvéderm.

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