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11800 North Brantly Avenue Houston, TX 77034


AV Flight Simulations' director of operations, Kevin Gabriel, is an experienced pilot, and even he would agree that not everything about contemporary flight training is perfect. Enter the Redbird FMX flight simulator, an FAA-approved advanced aviation-training device with lifelike motions, controls, and graphics. Inside the simulator, students and AV Flight Simulations' certified instructors can freeze situations in real time, giving them the opportunity to analyze problems as they occur. These issues could range from being in a skewed holding pattern to the plane joining a flock of migrating birds. This advanced simulator training can also be a more cost-effective alternative to traditional flight schools on account of rising fuel costs and other expensive expenses. Though students will have to helm a plane eventually, simulators help them get certified with various lessons, including instrument rating, proficiency, and practical tests.

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