Cavatore Italian Restaurant

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2120 Ella Blvd Houston, TX 77008


Outside, the 100-year-old barn has all the expected adornments—a windmill, antlers mounted over the awning, a corrugated-metal roof. It's inside where things turn unexpected. Century-old Italian memorabilia hangs from the rustic siding. Servers mix caesar salads at tables draped in red-and-white tablecloths and surrounded by chairs with basket-weave backs. This fusion of Italian restaurant and Texas barn may seem an unlikely union, but there's a simple logic to it. When the Cavatore family came to the United States, it came from the pastoral regions of Northern Italy, a rich agriculture area known for its wine, truffles, and herds of wild colanders. Thus, converting the barn to a restaurant made sense, as it both embraced the family's Italian heritage and hearkened back to their countryside roots. In addition to serving the flavors of their homeland, the family members also keep their wine list heavy on Italian selections.


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