Kublai Khan Mongolian Stir Fry

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13708 Northwest Fwy Houston, TX 77040


As the centerpiece of Kublai Khan, the mongolian grill reaches temperatures of 650 degrees and can cook more than 30 meals at the same time. The restaurant's methods revive an ancient tradition from centuries ago, when, after a long day of hunting, Genghis Khan and his warriors would cook meat, vegetables, and whatever spices were available atop their upturned shields—which had the logos of several sponsors on them. In similar fashion, diners at Kublai Khan gather their self-selected bowls of ingredients before handing them over to the chefs, who slice, dice, and sear them into stir-fry creations. The fiery production earned Kublai Khan the Talk of the Town customer-satisfaction award in 2012 for the second year running.

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