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    Up to 51% Off CPR and AED Certification
    The Museum District
    $100 $49 2.1 miles
  2. 2
    60% Off Photography Classes at Isla Studio
    $149 $59 2.4 miles
  3. 3
    Up to 41% Off Argentine Tango Classes
    $60 $39 2.5 miles
  4. 4
    Up to 85% Off Digital Photography Class
    Multiple Locations
    $496 $75 2.6 miles
  5. 5
    51% Off Youth Etiquette Classes
    East Downtown
    $45 $22 2.6 miles
  6. 6
    74% Off Walk-and-Shoot Photography Class
    On Location
    $225 $59 3.4 miles
  7. 7
    50% Off
    Greenway - Upper Kirby
    $339 $170 5.2 miles
4800 Calhoun Road Houston, TX 77004


Manhattan Elite Prep's staff of teachers and consultants carries firsthand experience navigating the complicated labyrinth of school admissions. Some were students whose high test scores and poignant essays got them into top PhD and Ivy League MBA programs. Some consultants served on admissions committees of coveted schools and know what experience, qualities, and acrobatic feats make student applications stand out. Now, this team of insiders at a firm with more than 10 years of experience pools its knowledge to help students who are serious about acing tests and placing in their top schools. They emphasize efficiency, packing as much information as they can into the time allotted, and exceeding beyond minimum requirements. Courses covering entrance tests teach students to work smarter, ruling out wrong answers and budgeting their time wisely, and essay consultants pare down applications to deliver rich content in a limited word count. Customers may complete classes online or interact in-person with their instructors as well as fellow students.

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