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    87% Off Dental Exam and Teeth-Whitening
    Greenway - Upper Kirby
    $787 $99 2.1 miles
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    60% Off In-Office Teeth Whitening
    $250 $99 2.1 miles
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    87% Off Take-Home Teeth-Whitening Kit
    Great Uptown
    $199 $25 2.3 miles
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    75% Off Laser Teeth Whitening at Spa Boutique
    Greater Heights
    $399 $99 2.8 miles
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    85% Off Dental-Exam Package
    $400 $59 3.0 miles
6010 Washington Ave Houston, TX 77007


Memorial Park Dental Spa’s multitalented team attends to both molars and muscles with spa and dental-care treatments. An expansive spa menu beckons bodies to indulge in a half-hour Swedish massage ($50) or a TMJ massage ($50) to soothe the mandibles and upper neck. Facials ($80) exfoliate and moisturize the visage, aiding efforts to save electricity by relying on one's own bioluminescence as a reading lamp. Alternatively, a thorough dental cleaning and polishing combat plaque and low molar morale, and an exam and x-rays cast light on problems such as gingivitis or extra tongues. After the esophagus attic has undergone a thorough sweeping and scrubbing, clients schedule a half-hour circulation-stoking Swedish massage and a teeth-whitening appointment complete with custom-made trays and a 2- to 4-week supply of at-home whitening gel.

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