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8648 Highway 6 N Houston, TX 77095


Beyond Twice Told Tales’ glass door, the faint, musty scent of yellowed pages dog-eared from years of careful reading wafts through the noses and alerts the brain of impending knowledge or story immersion. Thousands of used books line the shelves, their spines declaring the titles of the mystery, science fiction, horror, and drama their stories chronicle. As used titles arrive daily, it’s not uncommon for stacks of books to pile high on the floors. The racks looming over these text mountains display a collection of audiobooks—books that can play MP3 files—and reading accessories such as lights and book covers. Besides fiction, reference materials such as CliffsNotes and informative nonfiction books also contribute to the mass of reading material tucked away in every nook and cranny of Twice Told Tales’ shop.

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