East Coast United BJJ,MMA, and Yoga

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    Up to 67% Off CrossFit Sessions at Spuyten Duyvil Crossfit
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    Up to 88% Off Kids Boxing and Thai Kickboxing Classes
    Jerome Park
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    50% Off Youth Dance Lessons
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    51% Off Pilates Reformer Classes
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    53% Off Fitness Boot-Camp Classes
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    Up to 70% Off Dance Classes
    Fordham Heights
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    Up to 64% Off Superhero Bootcamp
    Fort Tryon Park (Broadway/Dykman)
    $100 $39 2.0 miles
5763 Broadway Bronx, NY 10463


Brazilian Jujitsu dominates mixed-martial-arts competitions and has captured the imaginations of hundreds of aspiring fighters, including Tito Hatz, the head instructor and current owner of East Coast United. To hone his skills, Tito travelled to Brazil to train under members of the Gracie family, the clan credited with originating modern Brazilian Jujitsu. As an instructor, he believes in sculpting bodies of all ages and genders into the physiques of elite athletes. Students at his gym grapple through the traditional exercises of Brazilian Jujitsu or pummel unseen opponents with the lightning foot, fist, elbow, and knee strikes of muay thai kickboxing. Those interested in professional fighting undertake training in a blend of the two arts in mixed-martial-arts classes. Certified yoga instructor Maywatte Hartz teaches relaxation and mental focus in her Vinyasa yoga classes, which focus on mastering deep breathing and flowing movements.

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