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6246 Irvine Blvd Irvine, CA 92620


House of Pilates' mat classes, conducted with nothing but a polished floor, a mat, and a lot of super-motivating eye contact, are currently available ten times a week in its airy Irvine studio. These introductory classes encompass the basics of Pilates, lay the foundation for lifelong strength, and prepare you for more advanced machine and resistance work. Because House of Pilates is the only classical Pilates certification center in Orange County, all of House of Pilates' instructors are rigorously trained in effective instruction methods and are attentive to the individual needs of their clients. House of Pilates' staff follow the doctrines of Power Pilates and place increased emphasis on discipline and rigorous work while sculpting a powerful core that's immune to injury and thermonuclear flab explosions.

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