Wuf Pet Resort and Spa

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3417 E John Carpenter Fwy Irving, TX 75062


Behind a swinging metal gate wrought with the letters W, U, and F, joyful yips and pattering paws echo down WÜF Pet Resort & Spa's main hallway. Lauded as the best pet boarder in the Dallas-Fort Worth area by D Magazine, WÜF invites dogs into private suites, which emulate human hotels with pillow-top mattresses, wall art, turndown service, and fire hydrants in every room. Overnight guests join WÜF's daily visitors at daycare, where dogs run after tennis balls, climb on playground equipment, and play follow the leader with staff members. Pooches romp in groups sorted through the Playmatch System, which pairs pups based on size, personality, and temperament. A valet shuttle ferries dogs from daycare and home, as well as to vet appointments, for an additional fee.

In the grooming salon and spa, dogs luxuriate in aromatherapeutic bath water before stylists dry them off with fluffy towels and treat them to services that range from de-matting fur to polishing toenails. WÜF also helps bridge canine-human communication with clicker training and Esperanto classes, and helps bipeds and quadrupeds alike celebrate special events—such as birthdays, puppy showers, and major holidays—with catered treats and professional pet photography.

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