Aunt B's Yogurt Bar

325 Route 100 Somers, NY 10589


It’s rare to get exactly what you want in life, but Aunt B’s Yogurt Bar is one sweet exception. “Everybody loves it, people from three to 103,” explained Aunt B's owner, Bobbie Loeb, to the North Salem Daily Voice. “They all want to do it themselves.” By “do it themselves,” she means choosing from a roster of frozen-yogurt flavors—examples include angel food cake and York chocolate peppermint—and decorating the cold treat with more than 40 toppings, such as fresh fruit, pistachios, or caramel Ghirardelli syrup. At a DIY waffle station, patrons can prepare fresh, hot waffles to douse with the creamy dessert. Despite its decadent texture, yogurt has health benefits; each flavor delivers live, active cultures that promote healthy digestion and reduce excess midi-chlorian counts.

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