CrossFit Rally by Sweat

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1404 E Main St Shrub Oak, NY 10588


Tired of gimmicky diets and ineffective workouts, owner and master coach Ray Carile turned to CrossFit. He has whipped himself into shape and kept excess pounds at bay with CrossFit’s no-nonsense approach—perform a varied workout three times a week and burn more calories than you consume. To help others stick to that simple and effective philosophy, he opened CrossFit Rally by Sweat. He and his team of trainers lead clients of all fitness levels in exercises that incorporate functional movements, such as pushing and pulling, and draw upon a wide array of equipment, including battle ropes, kettlebells, and rowing machines. Their focus on functional movements prepares participants for everything from everyday activities—such as climbing stairs and chasing cars—to sports and work tasks. In each session, they vary the daily workout to help motivate patrons to stick to the schedule. Because the method is adaptable, they offer classes for kids as young as 3 to instill healthy lifestyle habits in wee ones right out of the gate.

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