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The expert carriage cleaners at Auto Detail Aces return vehicles to road-ready luster with professional washes and detailing services. After vehicles soak in sudsy streams, experienced auto techs tenderly dab droplets with a soft wash mitt and chamois cloth. Spray-wax solutions galvanize shells against hazards including sudden rain showers or drive-by food fights. Doorjambs and trunk hinges swing open squeak-free after de-greasing treatments, and tired treads give up collected highway grime during precision de-gunkings. Inside, vacuums suck dirt and debris from carpets, and interior deodorizers freshen the air, masking the musk of spilled food, mildew, and the deer that just joined your carpool. Roadsters also don shady window tints and daubs of touchup paint to keep interiors cool and exteriors smooth and glossy. When not busy restoring vehicular vigor, Auto Detail Aces donates to the Koko Head Lions Club to support schools and the local community.