Solar Eclipse Tanning Salon

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3005 Old Alabama Rd Alpharetta, GA 30022


Solar Eclipse Tanning Salon doesn’t hide its bold intentions in the shadows. The salon’s staff members envision “putting the sun out of business,” a hyperbolic mission that they accomplish, in part, with four types of UV-tanning beds. Unlike the sun, all of these beds are regularly sanitized and outfitted with fresh bulbs to ensure a glowing base tan or a dark bronze coat.

Not content to merely mimic the sun’s rays, the salon takes a different route entirely with a Mystic Tan booth that spritzes the body with a UV-free bronzing formula. This formula comes in two shades, each of which lasts for up to seven days with proper care. In a red-light-therapy bed—also free of UV rays—therapeutic light repairs skin to improve the appearance of fine lines and render tattooed treasure maps more legible.

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